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All our fans please stay tuned. I will be working on updating the site.

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Reddog Racing is looking for an animated GIF for our new logo. Below are some screen shots of the crude idea that we have. I would like to combine something like the animated bulldog face, and the polar bear. It can be very basic, the dog and sled start on the left, the dog starts walking and pulling the sled. The box moves forward and the speed gets slower. When they reach the right side, and the box is all the way up, the movement stops, but the dog keeps walking in place, snorting and growling. The sled could be made of 3-d letters spelling out "Reddog Racing" the letters could be the sled body, each letter sized to make a basic sled shape.

Here is a crude idea of what it should be when it around the center of the screen.
Of course dog should be red like top dog, and background black, sled can be simplified, doesnt need lettering etc.
The BOX,  should start back under the cab, and move forward toward the dog as they move. When they get to the far right, the wheels should come off the ground.
For speed, it would be great if they could slow down as they move, giving the effect of the sled getting harder to pull, then right at the end the dog could just walk in place a second maybe growl and snort, like he can't pull any further.

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